Bachelors of Science, Ashland University, 1972.

Mayo Clinic Foundation School of Physical Therapy, 1975.

Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology, Kent State University 1986.

After 40 years of outpatient clinical practice, Jim is semi-retired. He opened his Private Practice in 1989. At one time, he owned four clinics. In conjunction with his friend and colleague Carl DeRosa PT, PhD, he co-authored 4 textbooks on clinical application of functional anatomy and physiology. Accompanying that writing, they created a cadaver dissection series. This work served as a foundation for national and international teaching and training. Jim and his staff have over 25 years of experience with large projects, like placing a rehab center on site of the UPS in Cleveland in 1995, and the state-funded functional outcome study entitled the “Ohio Project” (2003). At their peak, they had 22 out-patient clinics, similarly collecting data with standardized and validated measurement tools for 5 different body parts. They developed and wrote the software and reporting that created the repository to which all data was directed. Jim owns Venture Practice Services, a rehab specific medical billing company, since 1996, and co-owner of Acadaware, a software design company with 4 modules: clinical education, curriculum management, student and CI assessment, and educational and clinical research. Throughout his career as a clinician, he has surrounded himself with very talented and well-read providers that understand the value of studying the combination of services that yield the most successful intervention for all diagnoses. The most effective intervention for inflammatory illnesses is the combination of accurate diagnostics, pain management, therapeutic exercise, nutrition education, and counseling – the MD, PT, RD collaboration. The exercise and nutrition science has significantly matured over the past 10 years, and currently represents the foundation for successful clinical management. In the past, Jim and his staff have created The Porterfield Core Strengthening Device. This handheld, spring-loaded exercise device provides efficient exercise and produces rapid, predictable results. The outcome is due to simultaneous contraction of the six muscle groups that comprise the trunk/core. This product is scheduled to be available mid-summer 2018.  The information in these seminars is practical and clinically applicable with proven results. 


  • “Acadaware has become our ‘1 Stop Shopping’ for all things related to Clinical Education management! It allows for managing on-boarding documents and contracts, allows for student clinical knowledge self-assessments for pre-arrival communication just to name a few features… and it also makes clinical placement and the selection process seamless and painless! Acadaware is timely, modular, and versatile; which is a great feature for the challenges facing today’s academic programs and clinics.”

    Joe Palmer, PT, DPT
    Assistant Director of Clinical Education | Senior Instructor
    Physical Therapy Program
    University of Colorado School of Medicine
  • “Industry Standard!”

    University of North Georgia
    Dahlonega, GA
  • “It saves the program tons of time and resources!”

    Misericordia University
    Dallas, PA
  • The reporting is “Magical”.

    West Virginia University
    Morgantown, WV
  • “When I started my first job at the college, I was the administrative secretary of the nursing department. My boss wanted to be able to track the traditional nursing students in cohorts for projecting how many classes and faculty would be needed for future semesters. We admitted students each fall and spring. I created 3 different access databases to maintain the student information and was the only one who could support the databases. I am now the Clinical Resource Associate at the college and collect data on the clinical side. My goal was to work with our technology department to seek a data system supported by the college. Almost ten years later, we found Acadaware.
    Acadaware was able to transfer all our data into one database. John Sommer has been wonderful to work with, exploring ways to capture the information we need to create reports. Acadaware enables our department to enter clinical schedules and track student hours for our accrediting agencies. Other exciting information we are able to capture consist of:
    · Track students when they change from one cohort to another
    · Track students in particular cohorts to monitor registration status
    · Create reports to show student advisors and advising numbers for faculty
    · Create reports to show clinical history of a particular student or groups of students
    · Track attendance of students in the clinical setting (where, when, and how many hours missed)
    · Track overall clinical hours for each individual student (direct contact, simulation, and observation)
    · Clinical site tracking – contacts information, contracts, contract dates, and the particular clinical group that utilizes the site
    We are utilizing one part of Acadaware, and so far we are very pleased. Knowing that we are creating an information system supported by the college, provides us with up to date reporting and the ability to produce reports quickly.”

    Nursing Department
    Roanoke, VA