Acadaware was started in the fall of 2010 by two DCE’s and a physical therapist with a medical billing company (Venture practice Services now 20 years in business). Their vision and expertise started the design for the software that Acadaware has become today.  Our participating universities have had the opportunity to customize for their disciplines and network with each other for maximization of the database over these past years.

It is Acadaware’s mission to improve the processes for experiential learning programs through the easy accessibility of all data related to the university, student, clinical site, and accrediting bodies.  Our promise to each participating University is for them to know the software as well as we do.

Acadaware is a Software Design and Data Management Company with expertise in medical education and consolidating large groups of information, turning data into meaningful, effortless reporting that satisfies the accreditation mandates.  Working smarter, not harder with known cost/benefit, since 2010.

The contents within Acadaware are the results of the combined insight and talents of many individuals who have a clear vision and collectively recognize the value of becoming “Most Efficient” throughout. These individuals that have guided us through our growth include academician program directors, DCEs, software developers, clinical instructors, and administrators. Since our inception, we have collaborated and developed a completely integrated data management system that is simpler, easier, and less burdensome for everyone.

Acadaware: “Simplifying the Complexities of Process”

We Operate Under the Notion…

Good, Better, Best, Never Let it Rest, Until the Good is Better,

and the Better is Best.

Our Team

Jim Porterfield PT, MA, AT(ret)
CEO, Acadaware Private Practitioner and Business Owner

Bio Awards, Text Books, & Businesses Resume Photography – James Allen Collection Jim Porterfield PT, MA, AT (ret) is a retired Physical Therapist after 40 years in clinical practice and private practice since 1989. Jim has co-authored 4 textbooks and a cadaver dissection series. and is internationally known for his work. Jim is the owner of Venture Practice Services (VPS), our rehab specific medical billing company, co-owner and CEO of Acadaware, and the designer of The Porterfield Core Strengthening Device and Method.

Debbi DiFeo
Owner, Business Manager

Operations Manager of Venture Practice Services since 2002, Acadaware (co-owner) since 2010, Operations Manager for The Porterfield Enterprises since 2015. I have been Known as the “Chief Cook and Bottle Washer”. Need Help just call Debbi DiFeo.

John Sommer MBA
Owner, SommerSoftware, Inc.

Formed in 1997, Sommer Software has been designing and developing data management systems for multiple industries including but not limited to manufacturing, academia, health care, environment, and government. Their specialty is in process management and simplifying the process of turning data into information and having immediate access to accurate information.

Sorin George Dinca

Web Applications, Web Design, SEO Optimization, Managed Hosting and Support, Digital Strategy and IT Consultancy, and Mobile Application Development.

Daniel Georghe

Daniel is an experienced full-stack web developer and Zend Certified PHP Engineer with 13 years of experience in the software industry. His decade-plus of experience as the lead software engineer for multiple US software companies has enabled him to successfully take on a wide range of complex and innovative projects.

Beth Jordan

Beth Jordan receives ATSU-ASHS Exemplary Staff Award

Beth Jordan joined the Acadaware team in 2016, but she has been an end user of Acadaware since 2012. She brings with her a love of teaching and enthusiasm to share Acadaware with others. Originally from Cape Cod, MA, Beth relocated to Arizona in 2004. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, volunteering with local animal rescues and spending time with her dogs.


  • “Acadaware has become our ‘1 Stop Shopping’ for all things related to Clinical Education management! It allows for managing on-boarding documents and contracts, allows for student clinical knowledge self-assessments for pre-arrival communication just to name a few features… and it also makes clinical placement and the selection process seamless and painless! Acadaware is timely, modular, and versatile; which is a great feature for the challenges facing today’s academic programs and clinics.”

    Joe Palmer, PT, DPT
    Assistant Director of Clinical Education | Senior Instructor
    Physical Therapy Program
    University of Colorado School of Medicine
  • “Industry Standard!”

    University of North Georgia
    Dahlonega, GA
  • “It saves the program tons of time and resources!”

    Misericordia University
    Dallas, PA
  • The reporting is “Magical”.

    West Virginia University
    Morgantown, WV
  • “When I started my first job at the college, I was the administrative secretary of the nursing department. My boss wanted to be able to track the traditional nursing students in cohorts for projecting how many classes and faculty would be needed for future semesters. We admitted students each fall and spring. I created 3 different access databases to maintain the student information and was the only one who could support the databases. I am now the Clinical Resource Associate at the college and collect data on the clinical side. My goal was to work with our technology department to seek a data system supported by the college. Almost ten years later, we found Acadaware.
    Acadaware was able to transfer all our data into one database. John Sommer has been wonderful to work with, exploring ways to capture the information we need to create reports. Acadaware enables our department to enter clinical schedules and track student hours for our accrediting agencies. Other exciting information we are able to capture consist of:
    · Track students when they change from one cohort to another
    · Track students in particular cohorts to monitor registration status
    · Create reports to show student advisors and advising numbers for faculty
    · Create reports to show clinical history of a particular student or groups of students
    · Track attendance of students in the clinical setting (where, when, and how many hours missed)
    · Track overall clinical hours for each individual student (direct contact, simulation, and observation)
    · Clinical site tracking – contacts information, contracts, contract dates, and the particular clinical group that utilizes the site
    We are utilizing one part of Acadaware, and so far we are very pleased. Knowing that we are creating an information system supported by the college, provides us with up to date reporting and the ability to produce reports quickly.”

    Nursing Department
    Roanoke, VA