Welcome to Our Online Continuing Education and Lecture Series.


22 Clinically Applicable Lectures/Courses

for Blended Learning


We Envision These Lectures and Courses to be Used in 4 Ways:

  • To further the expertise of the existing faculty and expand the curriculum

  • As elective coursework while on campus or away on internship

  • To satisfy the CEU mandate

  • Public interest.


Here’s the Deal:

Complete Access for Your Students and Faculty

to the Entire Content of the AEI


Applies to All Disciplines

6 Months – $500        1 Year – $900


If your University is interested, contact us at

jp@acadaware.com or call us at (866) 957-3937.


The primary goal of AEI is to consolidate the most current information taught by the utmost esteemed and accomplished colleagues throughout the country that have a vast knowledge and success in their fields. The intent is to refine and expand our knowledge base in the fields of clinical and natural sciences, clinical assessment and treatment, health and wellness, and prevention of illness and disease.


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The Video is a 1-Minute and 40-Second Description of The AEI by

Jim Porterfield PT, MA, AT (ret)

This list of courses and lectures is ongoing.  We welcome questions, comments, and suggestions. One University professor described this AEI/University, blended experience as “timely, modular, and versatile, which is a great feature for the challenges facing today’s academic programs and clinics.” Much of the contents within the AEI are integrated and clinically applicable. A good addition to a strong curriculum.