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Debra Beckstett, LISW-S

Debra Beckstett, LISW-S

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Debra Beckstett, Marketing Director For more than two decades, we have search through company after company for vitamins and supplements that (1) are pure & safe, (2) actually help the body vs. hinder, and (3) come from a company that has ethics and quality at three levels: ingredients, manufacturing process, and at the top leadership level. Actually, if the leadership is not focused on ethics and quality, the end products are not worth looking at. Contact me for the world’s best global, 30 year old, all American (can you believe it?!) company that many athletes and Olympians garner as the best. Their research is incredible, and so are the products. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Cost effective. Not all vitamins and supplements are pure. It’s buyer beware, and we know the best! This company is BBB Torch award, USP standards. Only vitamins patented for greatest solubility to fight free radicals vs. increase them. Contact me for a short consulting session (face-to-face or webinar) at your convenience. Come see the science and you’ll know why your choice is critical to your health. Your orders delivered to your door…no running around. (330) 635-9396 We are Hiring!  Part-Time, Full-Time - Your Own Time BBB Torch Awarded Company You can be proud of. No Investment, Great Leadership, A real company for anyone. LEARN MORE:

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