Acadaware National Database

The Acadaware Database presently (3/1/2014) has over 30 participating Universities and 33,000 clinical sites. Most agree, that the larger the number of participants, the great the value of the outcome. To that end, Acadaware has developed policies and procedures to assist clinical researchers in gaining access to clinical data nationally.

We have placed a few examples of projects that have been completed; the Ohio Project, and 2 that are proposed by the Acadawre group. The key to this research is having access to the payers database that contains the expenditure information required to answer the research question. The Proposal: Analyzing Health Care Delivery 2014 was submitted to 6 local payers for their review, and to the APTA Innovation 2 Project, accepted form phase one March 7, 2014.

Ohio Project 2003
Prevention Wellness Model of Health Care Delivery 2008
Proposal: Analyzing Health Care Delivery 2014
Future Acadaware Clinical Research Projects