An excellent tool for managing each aspect of the Clinical Education process

Coordinates the Clinical Education Program for: University programs, CCCEs, Clinical Instructors, Students

What the Acadaware Clinical Education Software does:

  • Streamlined data entry process – minimizes data entry duplication that can occur between clinical sites, students, and the academic program
  • Easy Access to information to help all stakeholders manage key processes and get answers to questions
    • Clinical site internships requirements tracked
    • Key clinical site information and utilization data immediately available
    • Student placement status and internship history at your finger tips
    • Affiliation agreement tracking system
    • More efficient handling of exceptions and unlikely cancellations
    • Custom reporting features for academic programs and clinical sites
  • Provides automated reports for university and clinical site accreditation (CAPTE)
  • Efficient student / clinical site matching process
  • Makes communication more efficient through instant access to needed information for universities, clinical sites, and students
  • Developed by those who are involved in the process

It’s simply does what you need to do!

Designed to the specifications of University CE Coordinators and administrators with extensive experience coordinating clinical education.

Key points:

  • Centralizes information – Student internship history, internship requirements, clinical site information, and utilization data
  • Immediate access to accurate information
  • Administrators and students can track the students progress through the entire process
  • Communication between schools, clinicians, and students is greatly improved. Misunderstandings and confusion are eliminated
  • Direct access to the reports you want, when you need them
  • Allows you to generate CAPTE reports in minutes
  • The program also includes clinicians not currently in your program… creating a much larger resource pool for your students
  • Data is backed up and secure, with the latest security technology
  • Highly customizable
  • Relieves the “Hassle Factor”