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The Acadaware Clinical Education (ACE) system efficiently manages all aspects of experiential learning programs. Provides easy access to the information needed for all those involved; academic program faculty and administrators, students, and clinical sites.
The Acadaware Curriculum Management (ACM) system simplifies accreditation reporting and overall curriculum management.
The Acadaware Clinical Research (ACR) network improves the opportunity to answer meaningful questions about clinical practice and education, by connecting researchers with the right people and right data.
The Acadaware Market Place (AMP) includes all services required to own and operate a Rehabilitation Clinic from new and used equipment to credentialing.
The Acadaware Career Center (ACC) is a central site for students to view available job openings.
The Acadaware Education Institute (AEI) contains courses and lectures from practicing educators that can be used as a faculty assist, student electives both on and/or off campus during internships, and CEUs.
At Acadaware Customer Service paramount! We pride ourselves in the Acadaware products, and in the quality of our education, training and customer service.

Acadaware Mission

To improve each aspect of experiential learning programs by creating a central database, and the information management software and processes that maximizes efficient of process and ease of use.We define “Most Efficient” as all pertinent data is in one place, nothing is ever is entered twice, and everyone has immediate access to their information. It saves “Tons of Time” and provides ease of work. The Key; Immediate Access to Accurate Information (UPS 1996).